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A Retreat where Your Health is Re-Built with a Foundation to Last.
Natural Hygiene Health
Since 1964

ROYL Retreat - Natural Hygiene Health Retreat

ROYL Retreat Offers

  • Supervised Fasting,
  • Juice Diets,
  • Monotropic Diet Plans
  • Raw-Food meals (served in proper combinations)
  • Lectures & Round-Table Discussions
  • Supervised Weight Reduction
  • Corrective Exercises,
  • Daily walks,
  • Sunbathing,
  • Reinforcement and support

Rest Of Your Life Health Retreat

Drs. Gregory & Tosca Haag
P.O. Box 1056
La Vernia, Texas 78121

Tel:  830-779-2655
Fax: 830-779-2655

Gregory and Tosca Haag

Both graduated from medical school in 1984 after already having worked with Dr. Herbert Shelton and Dr. Virginia Vetrano.  Greg and Tosca's combined experience equals to almost 50 years of helping people learn to live healthier and happier lives.

Take a look at the latest DVD offerings from Dr Haag and Dr Vetrano.

What do our guests have to say?

We are going to follow raw food eating for life now that we are feeling exuberant.  My husband lost 12 lbs. on your diet and I have lost 6 lbs. We are going to continue following this diet until we reach the weigh we should be at, although we will be substitution other fruits on the non-free days and will be eating raw vegetables and fruits on our free days.  Thank you so much for the ONLY DIET THAT WORKS!!!

Larry & Karen P.

Hi!....Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate all your help, love, support and encouragement.  I also appreciate your patience with me and always answering all my questions- knowing why things were happening the way they were made it more tolerable for me.  I really did feel a "process"
going on during and after the fast and do believe I will be much healthier for it.  Thanks so much for hanging in there with me.  Greg, without you I'd never have made it this far.  You really are a genuine caring person.  Thank you.

With Love, Joan A.

I came to the ROYL Retreat, as a guest, To Have a Physiological Rest, Now I am rested, my senses are keen.  I lost some weight, but my bloodstream is clean.  On breaking the fast, food never tastes better, And there are hopes of a healthier future.  Every good doctor must be a good teacher, and there's no finer pair than Gregory & Tosca.

Charles de Matas, PhD.

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Dear Tosca,
Hi how are you?  I hope all is well.   I've been trying to get a hold of you because I want to thank you and let you know I how happy I am, which is all only possible because of you and your program.  It's been so long since I have truly been happy ~ I'm not really sure when the last time was.  Thank You! Thank You!   Thank You!  Your program has changed my life.  So far I've lost 40 pounds. I was a size 18, and size 18 was getting tight on me.  I am now a size 12.   I feel and look like a different person.  My skin has cleared up.  No more acne.   I no longer sleep all day!   Most days I don't even take a nap!  I have so much energy.  The most amazing thing  is that I am no longer depressed !!!    Me ~ no longer depressed!  Wow!!!    I was so deeply depressed  for so many  years ~ (8 yrs.)  I tried so many things in order to over come my depression ~ and nothing ever worked.   To be honest, when I went to ROYL Retreat I wasn't even looking to be healed from my depression.  After trying so many different things and trying so hard for so long, I had already given up on ever being healed from depression.  I had already accepted the fact that depression was something I was probably going to live with for the rest of my life. 
            I'm still eating Raw.  In fact, up until last week I hadn't eaten anything but raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and I was 100 percent  ~ I feel so good when I eat 100 % RAW. My husband, our children and I  are going on a cruise in July so my goal is to lose 30 more pounds before the cruise.  Again, Thank You! Thank You!



Growth & Changes

In the timeline of repairing the Retreat’s problems and deciding when to reopen, I realized that although we were doing extremely valuable and gratifying work with individuals seeking to renew their health, we simply were not reaching very many people. Adaptation is a part of nature. If we don’t adapt to change we die trying to hang on to the past - so we made a change. The Retreat will not reopen. We have found this evolutionary adaptation to be enlightening and immensely emancipating.

The fundamentals of Natural Hygiene are completely sound. We merely need to update the science behind the principles; correcting errors in physiological and biochemical functions written at a time when more detailed knowledge of these sciences were not yet known. This may alter a few aspects of earlier writings and is not meant to attack, degrade or undermine Natural Hygiene, Dr. Shelton or any of the founding “fathers,” including my beautiful mother Dr. Vetrano - who is an excellent example of Natural Hygiene at work. This is simply to bring us current and allow us to live “Hygienically” with more ease and confidence in today's world.

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

I pieced together the beginnings of a new idea – an electronic newsletter named in honor of the 40 years of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review. Seems we cannot keep ourselves away from helping Health Seekers and the Natural Hygiene work that needs to be done. Our electronic newsletter is The New Hygienic Review, With Hygienic News You Can Use! I managed to get the first couple of editions to the ROYL list I was able to preserve before our ROYL Retreat website crashed and changed hands. I lost the majority of names and addresses through this mishap.

So, Our Dear Friends in “Correct Natural Hygiene,” please let us know if you want to be on our electronic newsletter list by emailing me at We love you all and God Bless. . . Affectionately, and as Victoria BidWell loves to call us, “Your 3 Texas Doctors” - Dr. Tosca, Dr. Greg & Dr. Vetrano.

Currently, I am working on various projects with Victoria BidWell. She is currently working on 3 or 4 major projects including doing all the work herself. Thanks to all of you who plan to become BookPeople and who take out “Library Cards” in October or as soon as the site is up and running. We spend hours at a time with Victoria. She has plenty of questions - on Natural Hygiene and its history - as she pours through Dr. Vetrano’s Library. We can see that Victoria has every intention of leading “The Health Revolution” that Dr. Shelton and The Pioneers called for with such pleading and anguish and to do so not for the millions, but for the billions! We so hope you will all become BookPeople now!

But now you ask: Where can I go to do a Correct Natural Hygiene Fast?

With the assistance of Victoria BidWell at Our Hygiene Homestead in the Woods, I am proud to say that undoubtedly you will find the Raw Retreat of your life.

You should know two things about this retreat from Victoria:

1) I do not take the very seriously deathbed-ill guest who needs to be under a doctor's supervision, needs 24-hour care and who wants to pay upwards of $1,000 a week or more.

2) I have not put my rates into print.

Then you should also know these three things:

1) I am fully able to provide a spectacularly warm and cozy, delightful place for you to fast that goes beyond anything you can get anywhere else. I also provide assistance for a tune-up fast that you take on yourself.

2) I do not require anywhere near $1,000 a week for your use of Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods for my assistance.

3) I have not put my rates into print because I have not been led by my Director to do so: God! At GetWell*StayWell, America! my funds come in from many directions: book sales from The GetWell*StayWell, America BookList, Great & Yummy Edibles Sales, Happy Hygienic Home Products Sales, USANA neutraceutical commissions, donations, Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods income, writing/editing, free lancing, The Live Food Factor royalties, special requests from Health Seekers, phone counseling, and in other ways. When God tells me: "Put your rates in print!" - then I will. Until then each inquiring Health Seeker and I will talk. I need to know what your needs are first - then we can set a price that is delightfully merciful and affordable.

For being The Wilderness Woman and preferring to be on the trails rather than in an office, Victoria BidWell has surely learned her way around a computer, the Internet and websites. She has multiple websites all loaded with correct Natural Hygiene information, pictures, gift books, gift recipes, free health tips, healthy and health-promoting products at below manufacturer’s prices and MORE! Since becoming a Christian and then a back-to-nature advocate, Victoria has gone through more changes in recreating herself than most ever dream of. I encourage you to look through the materials she has for you online. Just because she is hidden in the woods of tiny Concrete, Washington (population: 900) does not mean that she is not available on the web, on the phone or by snail-mail & email. She doesn’t like to be called “sweet.” But if you come to know her as I, you will see a sweet, endearing private side of her. The side of Victoria that most people see is a lady who has been free of the box too long and who revels in nature too much, with a love of being alive so great that some can only label her “wild!” So hang on for the ride of your life!

Victoria says many "GetWell Friends" throughout my 16 years of service have wanted to discuss: their health situations, have questions concerning Natural Hygiene, recommendations concerning their book, tape, product, and/or edibles orders. By virtue of being led to today, you, too, are a "GetWell Friend." And you are invited to call or email me with any concerns, questions or needs you may have. Typically, after our conversations, Health Seekers will want to place an order. I can take that order over the phone!

Victoria BidWell

GetWell*StayWell, America!

P.O. Box 558

Concrete, Washington 98237



Fads come and go like the tide, and then come along again some 30 years later as new fads like changing weather patterns.  The system of Natural Hygiene doesn’t change with the times because Natural Hygiene is a way of life, not a collection of assorted cures or a grab bag of therapeutic modalities.  Natural Hygiene is a system of care of the body, mind and spirit, both in health as well as in ill-health, based on a practical recognition and systematic carrying out of the laws of organic existence, as these laws are developed and explained by physiological and biological sciences.  Natural Hygiene involves the principle that the care of the sick consists of the same laws of organic existence, systematically and perseveringly applied, that are essential for the preservation of health.  This is a true principle that serves as a reliable guiding rule; a compass to steer by in a sea of perplexity.

Natural Hygiene

Natural Hygiene embraces and seeks to embrace truths in Nature, and seeks to learn their proper application to the preservation and restoration of health.  Thus it embodies a correct science and art of care, both of the well and the sick.  A true science of life, which Natural Hygiene seeks to establish, can arise only out of a study of life, combined with a study of chemistry and biochemistry.  Man is a living organism, the smallest cell being more complex than the most elaborately equipped chemical laboratory.  We don’t learn anything about man by powdering his dead body into dust and analyzing the dust.  In doing this we learn only how his body has been ravaged by abuse.  For health we must study living human beings in all elements of life and associations;  we must study his needs and the normal conditions of his existence.  A true science of life must be based primarily on a study of man as a living, feeling, thinking, acting being.  Natural Hygiene will give attention to air, food, water, sunshine, temperature, activity, rest and sleep, cleanliness, the emotions, dress, occupations, habits, environment – in a word, to the needs of life and the mode of living. 

Natural Hygiene really has no future against the enormous unlimited budgets of the Pharmaceutical companies, the largest industry in the world. Because Natural Hygiene is "natural," it only appeals to a small percentage of the more eclectic and intelligent people, and those searching for something besides allopathic medicine.  Natural Hygiene appeals only to those who want and recognize the truth about health, and the true cause of disease and healing.  Most people are like sheep and want to believe that they are not the architects of their own misery.  They happily believe that some extraneous organism jumped on them in the middle of the night and wrecked havoc on their bodies.

More people than ever are "waking up" in the sense that many more hundreds of people are beginning to eat a more natural diet, but they are only scratching the surface of Natural Hygiene.  Natural Hygiene encompasses an entire way of life, not focusing totally upon food. Natural Hygiene will always be here because it is based on Natural Laws of Life.  The laws of life can not change. Therefore, Natural Hygiene can not change, even though many "supposed advocates" try to change it.  There will always only be a handful of hygienic practitioners who teach it right to the few who do enough research to find it.  But mostly, Natural Hygiene is no threat to the pharmaceutical industry because people tend to believe advertising lies before they will believe truth.

Our Program

Our program is one of Natural Hygiene.  We teach the proper elements of health so that you may take care of your own health for the rest of your life.  We generally offer supervised fasting.  Not only are we a fasting center with experienced fasting doctors on staff, but we encourage people at all stages of holistic learning to take their own personal retreat at ROYL. 

Many people have come to ROYL Retreat strictly to for a juice diet, or learn more about eating a strictly raw food diet.  However, after a few days of hearing lectures on the profound benefits of fasting and talking to others who are fasting, they too decide to fast.

As for the eaters, we have a great time in the kitchen learning how to prepare beautiful platters of fruits and vegetables.  We do some simple gourmet raw food dishes, share raw food recipes, and the eaters have the opportunity to try out some of their own raw food ideas in the kitchen.  They learn how to make strained juices for special needs like colitis or for the elderly who have to deal with dentures.  At other times the guests at ROYL learn how to make nut milks and learn when and how to eat nuts for optimum digestibility.  ROYL affords a great raw food retreat, featuring raw food classes, raw food recipes, and common sense raw food fun.

The combined expertise we have equals to over 75 years experience, with that experience coming directly from Dr. Shelton's Health School, and Dr. Shelton as he was the founder of the whole current "health" conscious movement we have today. 

There is air conditioning for those hot Texas-summer days.  We offer free long distance within the United States, as well as availability to check your e-mail.  There are no "spa" services as they are very energy draining during a proper fast.  We do, however have the advantages of two excellent massage therapists/reflexologists nearby.  Dr. Greg and Dr. Tosca both offer a million dollars worth of TRUE Health information which you won't receive anywhere else through their informative lectures and food preparation demonstrations.  The Retreat library is full of volumes and volumes of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Reviews for your perusal, as well as audio tapes of Natural Hygiene lecturers given at American Natural Hygiene Conventions.  And, there are many, many videos of the same.  We are small and give a lot of attention to you and your care. 

At ROYL we advocate all raw, feed an all raw diet, and do not advocate dairy.  In fact, we strongly advise against any dairy unless absolutely necessary for certain conditions.   If someone absolutely does not wish to go all raw, we make alternate suggestions, but rarely if ever with dairy products. 

Education (not medication) is the answer

Costs of Health Care have been growing faster than the rate of inflation.  Aware citizens ask: what effects are gained at what costs?  Is all this medical care needed?  Couldn't people stay healthy without medicines?

Who Benefits When People Are Healthier?

Everyone!  People feel better, look better, act better, and are better to get along with when they take the responsibility of understanding themselves, their own health risks, and the actions they can take toward healthful living.


The most effective intervention for any unwanted condition is prevention.  Chronic diseases are associated with risk-factors.  If a person reduces the level of risk, there will be less chance of a chronic disease occurring.

How Do I Begin?

Begin with a small step beyond what you have done in the past!  A series of inte-grated, carefully planned sessions provide a multi-faceted approach to learning to practice a new healthful lifestyle at ROYL Retreat.  You will be guided back to good health by providing the conditions essential to the efficient operations of the body's own forces, allowing it time for recuperation, rest and repair.  We give you motivation, determination,  and support.  You will rest, fast, recuperate and eat with fruits, veggies and nuts, your best source of nutrients.

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