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4. Another Cat "Tail"

By Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano

This morning I had cantaloupe for breakfast and took it to the dining room table to eat.  When I got back to the kitchen I discovered Cyclone, my cat, on the kitchen counter eating the other half!!!  Actually, she was eating the stuff around the seeds and the seeds themselves when they would not fall off.  She did not chew the seeds.  

Dr. Shelton had 14 cats at his old Health School.  They ate everything that was left over.  They ate corn, left over cooked veggies (this was before I had taken over), watermelon, canteloupe and honey dew melon.  Sugar is not bad for cats.  In fact, big cats in the jungle, during certain seasons, eat a great deal of fresh fruit. Fructose gets into cells without the need for insulin.  Cats and dogs can also digest starches via their large secretions of hydrochloric acid.  They do have good pancreases and can secrete insulin.

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