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2. Dr Gregory Haag's Natural Hygiene

By Dennis Hillery

Dr. Gregory Haag has developed an outstanding reputation in the field of fasting, natural healing and a vegetarian approach to better health. He will address us at VSOD’s upcoming dinner on November 17th. This is a not-to-be-missed event!

Dr. Haag has run vegetarian health retreats for the last twenty years throughout the country and is currently operating right here in the Texas hill country. He and his wife, Tosca, who is also a wholistic doctor, run a place appropriately called the Rest Of Your Life Health Retreat, with the acromyn of ROYL for short.

People come from all over the country, and the world for that matter, to improve their health and reduce what ails them. He is an author and international lecturer on all subjects pertaining to natural healing. He and his wife have just completed an excellent handbook entitled “Dr. Haag’s Quick Weight Loss and Health Boost Handbook,” and is currently working on a book titled “The Fasting Connection,” which explains how fasting is an integral part of a healthful lifestyle.

Dr. Haag learned about fasting and Natural Hygiene from one of the most well known experts in the field of natural health and healing, Dr Herbert M. Shelton, who passed away in 1984. But for over 60 years he ran a “health school” which included a fasting institute, teaching the importance of fasting, a vegetarian diet, exercise, sunshine, rest and sleep, and the like, in San Antonio, Texas. This is where both Gregory Haag and Tosca received their wholistic training before going to medical school. It is not surprising that when Dr. Haag finished medical school, he decided not to practice traditional, western medicine, but instead to follow in Dr. Shelton’s footsteps.

What Dr. Haag quickly discovered when he was working at the Health School was that most if not all of our health and medical problems stem from the foods we eat, the places we live, the jobs we take, the stressors in our lives, and especially the medicines and therapies we are receiving to suppress all the symptoms from all our other bad lifestyle habits. All these things produce toxins. Dr. Haag writes:

When there are more toxins going in than going out, equilibrium, or homeostasis, is no longer present, and it is this process that causes disease because of a constant drain of the body’s vital energy. As the energy goes down, the toxic level builds up even more, and “The Beat Goes On!”

These toxins are insidious and have been accumulating since birth, having been stored away in various tissues, primarily in fat cells, which are distributed throughout the body.

There are many ways to reduce the levels of toxic build-up in the body. Exercise and an all raw-vegetarian diet are two examples. Another efficient way to rid the body of toxins is through fasting. Dr. Haag is an expert on fasting. Over the years, he has helped numerous people rid themselves of all types of diseases and suffering through fasting, raw-food diet and a general change of lifestyle.

There are numerous signs and symptoms that can be observed, and indicate how the body is responding to fasting, vegetarian diet, etc., and how the process of recuperation should proceed to best serve the client. He has told me that “it is a complete misconception that fasting is harmful.” In fact, it is quite the opposite. Surprisingly, under proper conditions, more people than one can ever imagine, can undertake a lengthy fast, coming out much better than when they started, without using any of their vital tissues.

Dr. Haag will be the first to tell us that fasting speeds up our natural processes of healing and allows the body to detoxify at a level that cannot be achieved while eating. In fact, eating utilizes more energy than any other bodily function. Fasting allows the body to use that energy that would normally have gone to digestion to expunge toxins.

Dr. Haag has helped thousands of people, both young and old, to allow their bodies to heal themselves of all sorts of diseases. He recently fasted a young man of 34, who had suffered with psoriasis for ten years. Psoriasis is a hardening of the skin and connective tissue, and the young man was covered in scabs and broken skin on a large area of his face and body.

After ten days on water, his skin cleared up and he began a healing that he had never observed on any type of medical treatment. After 24 days of fasting, his leathery scabby skin was completely smooth, without one blemish.

Another man, at the age of 52, was diagnosed as being completely blocked by cholesterol build-up in his coronary arteries. After 44 days of fasting, and two months of a vegetarian diet, his artery blockage was reduced to only a 5% block. (This is equivalent to a 5-year old child on the Standard American Diet). That was ten years ago, and the man is still doing great.

My favorite one is about the 72 year old man who got shrapnel in his arm during an attack in World War I. At the time the medic on duty got out as much as he could and bandaged the arm. More than fifty years had passed before this man came to Dr. Haag’s retreat.

On the 14th days of fasting, the man’s arm began to hurt and soon a large pustule emerged on the arm. Doctor Haag teased the area open up to find a piece of metal shard. The fasting brought to the surface a toxin/foreign object that had been in this man’s body over fifty years.

In interviewing Dr. Haag, I found these stories to be very interesting. However, Dr. Haag assured me that not everyone needs to fast to begin recovering their health. His lecture title will be “Care VS Therapy,” and all that that implies, hence my statement that this is a not-to-be-missed event.

Drs. Greg and Tosca work individually with each of their guests to produce the results they want. We have the wonderful privilege of learning about fasting and Natural Hygiene from this well-known expert. We also have the opportunity to have private consultations with Dr. Haag during his brief stay here.

A consultation costs $180 and lasts for an hour. For more information about this, please call 830-779-2655.

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