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5. He Gave the World a Noble Prize

By Frederick Gasser

An epic poem dedicated to Natural Hygiene and its great benefactor, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

Rebels of Medicine decades past
Discovered in practicing their art
That drugging wasn’t very smart –
Transversing their ancient role,
Reclaiming reliance Asclepius stole,
Ousting worship at Caduceus’ shrine,
Rediscovering faith in Hygiene –
A timeless halo Medicine kept unseen;
Precursors structured its practice upon
Educating people to depend thereupon:
Essentials, relations and innate laws
Increated by Nature and by God;
Hygiene’s Olympian torch-bearers tall,
Spread its vital message to educate all
Regardless of racial or sectarian call;
The practice had a lofty base,
A structured verity, a new face,
Exuberant teachers, unsung fame –
From its ranks a colossus came
Hygiene’s noble industrious son,
A prince of vision – Herbert M. Shelton!
Inheriting precious gems, adding to them;
Voluminous works the great master wrote,
Eternal truth and wisdom he spoke –
A benefactor deserving a Nobel prize,
Ignored shamefully in our eyes;
The world he blessed ignores him now,
By omissions, naiveté or intent,
Honoring lesser works, fragmented bliss
Of science and arts a penchant bewitched,
Committed, it seems, to worldly whims;
From timeless realms outstretching space
Announcing with triumphant legions
Hygiene’s truths that need to be told,
Bestowing honor on its benefactors bold,
Exemplified by Hygeia’s illustrious son,
Her true light – Herbert M. Shelton!
Though this thought is but reverie,
The truth he voiced will ever be
Gems of wisdom to make us free
From Medicine’s pharmacopoeia tree;
When such legions become earth bound
Mankind will rise to levels sound –
An apex where Hygiene has its sights
Uplifting humanity from ages-old blights;
Though honor to him is ignored,
Natural Hygiene, a verity, can afford
To outlast snubs, silent and voiced
Until an awakened, enlightened world heeds
Its hygienic benefactors with loving accord;
Hygienists, you bless the earth! But ponder:
What’s a “Nobel prize?” – you know his worth!
Arise, honor and salute him, shout:
“He gave the world a Noble prize.”

Reprinted from Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review

© Copyright 2002 - 2004 ROYL Retreat.