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Quick Weight Loss & Health Boost Handbook

Quick Weight Loss

Book by Drs Gregory & Tosca Haag, $12.95.

We put this project together because we know for various reasons people can't always take a health-promoting, cleansing fast. Yet, you know you need some help - a boost or some kind of starting or re-starting point. Includes a 14 day eating plan (with other helpful tips) that will boost your ability to lose weight, straighten out hurtful eating habits, and get you back on the path of feeling good about yourself. (Newly published.

Genuine Fruitarianism Book

Book by Dr. Virginia Vetrano, $8.95 or free with the purchase of any other item.

The complete transcript of the taped lecture. This is important to have in order to better understand the words, see how they are spelled, in order to look them up for better understanding.

Food Combining Made Easier!

Food Combining Made Easier

Book by Dr Gregory Haag, $5.95.

Newest food combining chart on the market. Designed and created by Dr. Tosca in response to demand for an easier to understand food combining guide. Lovely laminated place mat with only four food combining rules.

Errors in Hygiene?

Errors in Hygiene

Book by Dr. Virginia Vetrano, $19.95.

A complete explanation of how people devolve into disease through wrong thinking processes, not because of following Hygienic principles. This includes a thorough dissection of T. C. Fry's lifestyle from a very young age through his early and unexpected demise, pointing out his interpretation of Hygiene without having a firm knowledge of physiology and pathology to back it up.

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