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Recommended Websites:

University of Natural Health
A college that grants Bachelors, Masters and Hygienic Doctor degrees, fully accredited and approved by the Hygienic Doctors Association.

Hygienic Doctors Association
The H.D.A. is an international Natural Health and Hygienic organization responsible for accrediting post-secondary schools, colleges, universities and institutes in the Natural Health and Hygienic philosophies.

Get Well Stay Well America
Victoria Bidwell's web site which contains many books, articles, and tapes which pertain to the Natural Hygiene principles of health.

Healthful Living International
A great source of information on Natural Hygiene. Information about conferences and Natural Hygiene practioners.

Living Nutrition
Home of the Living Nutrition Magazine, promoting the health philosophy of Natural Hygiene. Get your subscription here.

National Vaccine Information Center
A great source of information about vaccinations for people who want to be informed about the dangers and risks of vaccinations. Source of the NVIC newsletter which keeps up with the political and state levels of this ever growing threat to our children's health. Report side effects here.

Alissa Cohen
Alissa Cohen is an internationally recognized writer, speaker and consultant on raw and living food. Find her book and DVDs, Living on Live Food, and other raw food products here along with valuable information for going and staying raw.

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