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Dr. Tosca Haag

Dr. Tosca Haag,
Aug. 2010

Contact Information

Dr Tosca Haag
P.O. Box 1056
La Vernia, Texas 78121

Tel:  830-779-2655
Fax: 830-779-2655

Consulting Rates

For personal or phone consultations, the rate is $180 per hour (pro-rated at $3 per minute with a $20 minimum charge).

Personal checks and time payments are acceptable, as arranged. Please make checks payable to: "Tosca Haag".

Initial consultation (including review of questionnaire) is usually 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in length. Follow-up calls are usually the minimum charge ($20).

"Coping with stress before it becomes distress is an important element of preventing further problems".

Dr. Haag's Background

Tosca, co-director with Greg at ROYL grew up under the tutilage of both Dr. Shelton and Dr. Vetrano, witnessing the miracles of fasting and living in accordance with the laws of life.

Dr. Tosca Haag was the assistant editor and contributing writer for Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review for many years.  She's been the supervising director of several Health Retreats.

More importantly, she's successfully raised and homeschooled their four children hygienically (according to the Science of Health), giving them a solid base on education, health & wellness. She specializes in teaching this to other mothers.

Dr. Tosca Haag has long experience of hygienic healthy living. She has followed a hygienic vegetarian lifestyle from an early age guided by her mother, Dr. Vetrano.

In 1984, Tosca Haag graduated from medical school after already having worked at Dr. Shelton's Health School with Dr. Shelton and Dr. Vetrano.  She does not practice regular medicine, preferring an all natural, holistic approach to health by nutritional consultation and education.


“My work over the years with parents and their children has shown me where and how to “bend the rules” to teach the kids the reasons behind the lifestyle.  Parents often ask if they should take special food to birthday parties for their kids, or if they should “stand guard” to see to it that their children don’t eat the regular junk.  I remember my mother doing exactly that when I was about six years old going to my first birthday party.  Forget it.  I chose to be antisocial!  It is extremely hard to deal with so many social functions today and be Hygienic in your eating habits. 

Children just do not understand.  I’ve seen kids raised Hygienically, who do an about face and refuse to eat anything wholesome.   I’ve seen little angels turn to hellions -- stealing money from their parents to buy “junk” because they couldn’t have it at home, and this ultimately led many of them into trying street drugs simply because it was something more their parents didn’t want them to do.  I’ve seen kids throw their fruits away on the way to school so other kids won’t make fun of them. 

I, myself, wouldn’t eat in front of other kids.  Of my own four kids, two were proud as punch to be different and shock the other students, while the other two would rather blend in or not eat.  I recently had two different types of mothers at the retreat.  One had seven children the youngest three raised vegan.  The other children had been reared on an average diet before she switched over to vegan.  Her children rebelled and are still rebelling.  She gave up completely instead of making compromises.  She couldn’t handle the struggle any more and it was literally killing her. 

The other woman I had came from Hawaii.  She was suffering with chronic fatigue and for over a year couldn’t function as a mother or wife at all.  Her family was ecstatic about her recovery at ROYL and everything she learned.  They couldn’t wait to “go all raw” and start a new way of life.  Her family included her 9 year old daughter who was very eager to go along with it too. 

I do believe it’s the approach.  If it is gentle and smooth and gradual sometimes it works into a nice transition without any trauma or rebellion.  If it is fanatical, well, people of all ages rebel.  Most people I’ve dealt with don’t flip directly over into a different lifestyle and are not even sure they want to in the first place.  I try to help them deal with the change with the least amount of trouble to them and their families.”

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